What are the Unique Features and Attachments for Forestry Tractor?

What are the Unique Features and Attachments for Forestry Tractor?

Undoubtedly, forestry work is not an easy job. It would entail a wide range of tasks such as felling and collecting of trees, loading and transportation needs. It would not be wrong to suggest that the job would need skilled operators and state of the art heavy-duty equipment. Similar to other kinds of jobs, you would be required to make use of right resources. It has been deemed essential for optimal handling of the job. When you would be performing heavy duty and dangerous work, it would be essential that you take utmost care in performing the tasks in an efficient and safe manner.

You would come across a wide number of forestry tractors used by lumber companies. Every machinery and equipment would have its own job to handle. You should choose the right equipment and machinery for the specific job.

Logger tractor operator

In case, you were familiar about the logging industry, you would be aware with the occupation of logger tractor operator. The job requires the person to operate a tractor equipped with specific kinds of accessories. The accessories would enable the vehicle to move and load timber from one work site to another with ease. The timber load would be placed for loading on to the rigs for transportation to various kinds of processing locations.

Features of logger tractor

The equipment would be required to encompass the following features.

  • Lower center of gravity
  • Horsepower of 60 and above
  • Four wheel drive
  • Modified design suitable to forestry operation
  • Strong frame
  • Three-point pitch
  • Approved cab for safety of operator

Find below requisite attachments for the vehicle to transport wood from one work-site to another.

  • Log loader and forest trailer

It would be required for vehicle to transport the cut wood from the work site to landing area. The loader or trailer would be removed from the tractor and attached to truck for hauling.

  • Grapple

The attachment would be requisite for the vehicle to skid the logs. It has been designed similar to a claw. It would enable the equipment to grab the load of logs in order to move them to another place. It would work best on levelled ground.

  • Skid winch

The skid winch would be attached to tracteur forestier before attaching the logs to it. It would enable efficient transportation in steeper slopes.

These equipments and machinery would be of great use to the forestry industry.

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