What Makes a Professional Sales Proposal?

What Makes a Professional Sales Proposal?

The ingredients that go to make up a sales proposal are indeed many, and with the right recipe, you can present your data is a visually appealing way, emphasising the strong points of your proposal. If you were to completely break down a professional sales proposal, you would have design and content – the design would include graphics, colours, page orientation and style – while the content would come in the form of text, video, images, charts and graphs.

Online Sales Proposal Templates

Specifically designed with your industry in mind, you can access top flight templates, along with many powerful tools to help you create an online proposal. The provider has many templates to suit every industry and they can be found with a Google search, and once you’ve selected the right sales proposal template, you can begin to compile your data.

User-Friendly Interface

The online template provider has an easy to understand interface, and with drag and drop technology, you are empowered to embed video, images and other items like graphs and charts. If you want to include a few web pages, simply screenshot and import them into your proposal. Rich colours and a variety of graphics are combined to give you the perfect platform to present your proposal, and there are designs to suit everyone from a hairdresser to a logistics provider.

The Power of Case Studies

If you have recently helped to transform a client’s business, why not showcase the project in a case study? This is a great way to demonstrate the way you defined the goals, created a plan and implemented a success story – all backed up with graph and chart data of course.  Case studies show the client your processes and with factual data to support the figures, you are giving insight into how you operate. Case studies can easily be imported into a template and with rich graphics, they are a powerful way in which to get across your message.


 A good sales presentation is engaging, while clearly specifying what the package includes. It should not be too long, anything from 8-20 pages, relatively simple and should focus on solving the client’s problems. Good selling isn’t about you, it is about the prospect and by focusing on providing solutions, you are engaging the prospect. Provide multiple solutions will give the prospect more options, and by allowing the prospect to compare prices, they are more likely to accept the higher options.

List Prices from High to Low

You don’t want to scare off the prospect by introducing high end prices, so start with low and move on to the higher end choices. Effective price conditioning leaves the prospect feeling satisfied with the final price, as you have started with your most expensive products and moved down the scale.

With the help of an online sales proposal template provider, you can build top notch proposals and if you take into account all of the above, your conversion rate is likely to see a rise.

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